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Address: Prof. Himanshu G. Dave
Department of Physical Education, S.C.A. Patel Arts College, Sadhli, Dist. Vadodara, State-Gujarat
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Published In:   Volume - 4,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2013

Sports Medicine focuses on improving the body’s performance, recovering from injury, and preventing future injuries. Sports medicine professional is accountable towards the overall health and well-being of the athlete and must be capable of dealing with any type of trauma or catastrophic injury. Competitive athletes may have difficulty avoiding sports injuries due to the intensity and frequency of their training. Fortunately, most injuries are seldom serious and are on a quick course of rapid rehabilitation. Artistic gymnastics is unique as a sport because of its high demands on the upper extremity. No other sport requires the athlete to repetitively use the upper extremities as weight-bearing structures, and it is not, therefore, surprising to see an elevated number of upper extremity injuries in gymnasts. For e.g. Repetitive and excessive loading on the wrist joint leads to premature closure of the growth plates or other growth disturbances. Repeated stresses affect the distal radial growth plates causing shortening of radius1.

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