Terrorism – A Universal Problem


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Terrorism first started in our Country in the north eastern states like Assam, Nagaland, and Mizoram etc. A similar type of terrorism known as Naxalism proved to be o impediment in the development of a state like west Bengal and troubled it for a very long west Bengal and troubled it for a very long period of time. We are familiar with the terrorism in Punjab and its cvil Consequences. The terrorism of L.T.T.E. has nearly cut Sri Lanka in to two vertical divisions. Kashmir which was like heaven on earth and the metropolitan cities in India have been turned in to hell by the activities of terrorists. Nepal’s integrity is threatened by the Maoists who have created a terror in the minds of the people. It was an act of terrorism that destroyed the world trade centre in New York.


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Terrorism is a gigantic global Problem. The Problem of terrorism is not limited to any particular region or country. Terrorism has reached most of the countries of the world. The time is ripe to uproot terrorist activities which aim at destroying peace and prosperity from the world and which is the unholy force that is blocking our national progress.


Terrorism is a new global problem which adds to the many already existing problems which hinder human progress. It is very deep-rooted. Probably there is no country in the world today which is totally free from its evil grip. History is a witness to the fact that from ancient time’s armies and security forces in the world have taken recourse to terrorism to ensure victories. In the beginning it was a pestilence in countries. Like North Ireland, Algeria, South Africa and Chile. But today it has spread to many countries of the world and is harassing the common people everywhere.   


The Concepts of Terrorism:

The attempt made by an individual or a group of individuals to achieve a political or religious objective by taking organized resort to tyranny, threat, Violence (Including killings) or harassment can be called terrorism. If an individual or group causes mental, physical or emotional harassment or pain, or hurts in my any manner another individual or group of individuals, is terrorism. To keep a person in Constant worry and tension, to cause him mental unrest, to keep him in constant fear or to make him insecure, is terrorism.


Causes of Terrorism:

Some groups of individuals spread terrorism to destroy the entire system, to create social enmity, to shut the doors of development, to prevent a nation from becoming a super power or to take revenge of any type. Sometimes some superpower or a powerful nation encourages such terrorist activities. They hire or buy men, help them with large sums of money and thus help in the formation of terrorist outfits.


Sometimes terrorists create discontent among the people of other countries in order to enhance their own influence to strengthen their base. They encourage the formation of terrorist organizations in that Country. Terrorism is used mainly in the conflicts over possession of land between various national groups, in competition between Various national gropes, in Competition between various religious groups, in internal ours between established governments and rebel forces, in dislodging the.


Some individuals take recourse to violent action in order to legalize their political activities. Terrorists hurt bombs in cold blood to achieve their goal. They kill innocent people. On account of religious fanaticism or in order to achieve their political objectives, they mislead the youth and persuade them to take the path of terrorism. When terrorists are on the verge of dying, they become more aggressive and indulge in their spirit. Sometimes the lure of publicity or the feeling of revenge also becomes a cause of terrorist activities.


Terrorist Force:

Below is given a brief account of terrorist organizations that spread terrorism. The more active terrorist organizations in the world today are: Al Qaeda, Harkat –Ul-Ansar or Kashmir, Hijbul Mujahideen of Pakistan and Kashmir, The Islamic group in Algeria and The Algerian Secret Army, Al –Jehad, in Egypt, the Islamic Salvation Front in Europe, the Irish National Liberation Army, and the Irish Republican Army in North Ireland and the L.T.T.E. in Sri Lanka.


Making Full use of Muslim fanaticism, Osama Bin Laden organized die- hard Muslims and founded the International Jehad Organization in the name of the Jehadi movement. Thereafter, in 1985, he built a terrorist network throughout the world by establishing the Islamic salvation Front (Al Qaeda). Many Countries of the world are falling prey to this terrorist network.


In recent years, in Kashmir and in the north eastern states in India, there has been a note worthy increase in the number of terrorist organizations and their activities. Even in the states which are not on the borders of India, terrorist forces have been engaged in secretly pushing deadly weapons and materials like, the R.D.X. into these areas and Create an atmosphere of terror and fear.


Terrorist Activities:

Terrorists spread terror through certain activities. They are trained in organized training camps. They also indulge in Suicide attacks.  They are supplied with the latest weapons. With a view to spreading terror, terrorists indulge in activities like Carrying out Suicide attacks, become human bombs, hurl bombs in Crowded Localities, prepare hit Lists, hide weapons and use them, indulge in germ war, Kidnap people, hijack plans, kill the kidnapped persons in an inhuman manner, to export money, Organize mafia gangs, to smuggle intoxicating drugs gangs , to smuggle intoxicating drugs, to lay mines, attack important targets using planes, to cross international borders unlawfully, constantly spread fear among the people living in the border areas, to destroy important places like legislative assemblies, parliament houses, power house, atomic power stations dams, bridges, railway stations, airports, large factories, arms and ammunition stores, to break supply routes, spread rum ours, place bombs  in crowed buses or railway compartments, to cause damage to place of worship, to blow up oil tanks or Oil wells, to indulge in arson etc.


Effects of terrorism:

Destruction of the world Trade centre in the US, the exchange of bullets outside the Indian Parliament House, the attack on the Legislative Assembly of Jammu Kashmir, attacks on the Akshardham and the Raghunath temple, the massacre at Gulmarg, terrorist attack, in Riyadh, the capital city of saudi Arabia, suicide attack in chechenga, terrorist attacks in MOROCCO –these are some of the examples of terrorist activities worldwide.


Since independence up to 2003, more than 60,000 people have become victims of terrorist attack. The entire mankind is unable to enjoy moment s of happiness and peace because of terrorism. Many plans are delayed. Terrorism Obstructs development by not allowing us to spend or invest our money for achieving progress. It also does not allow us to use human power for development.

Cores of rupees have to be spent in making security arrangements or in fighting against terrorism. People live in fear and suffer from mental unrest. Human resources are destroyed. Poverty increases. Production decreases. We experience shortages of good. This leads to increase in prices and development slows down. Relations among nations become sour and a number of international Problam


Remedies against terrorism:

There are many remedies for saving us from terrorism. Patriotism and integration of citizen power, powerful nationism, and commitment to duty, fearlessness, individual and training can be the most effective weapons in the perils posed by terrorism; the threat to national Security is the greatest. The definition given kautilya in his Arthashastra’ says that national security is a condition in which all the states can live happily and peacefully, make fruitful efforts for increasing wealth and at the some time possess military preparedness to stand against any invasion. Terrorism strikes at the very root. of this concept of security and so it is necessary to eradicate it from the surface of the earth.


We should observe an Anti Terrorism say is order to create an awakening among the people against the dangers of terrorism. India observes May, 21, every day Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated at Preambudur. He fell a victim to terrorism. Various Programmes to create a public awakening including the reading of a vow to end terrorism are organized on that day.


Gujarat is a border state. Its land and sea boundaries touch the boundaries of Pakistan which is like a den of terrorism. Under such Circumstances, it is absolutely necessary and the role of the citizens in the fight against international or multinational terrorism. A global Organization has to be set up to resist it. India has been working in that direction.


If citizens join the deference forces and Home Guards and receive training, it will be helpful in the fight against terrorism. The fight against terrorism is a holy war being fought in the interest of the people. The government can make security arrangements against it, is impossible to post a policeman or an army man on every inch of our land. So it is necessary that residents themselves guard their own city, streets and village or city.

Citizens have to be vigilant legal intrusion by foreign nationals, smuggling of intoxication drugs, their sale, trade in deadly weapons, these and such other activities.


An anti-terrorist squall is busy in Gujarat in dealing with terrorists. Very good results can be obtained if people coop create with the squad.


It is also necessary to make people aware of terrorist activities and the effects of violence on the society and indeed on the entire nation. Efforts should be made to keep the nations youth away from such activities of terrorism by showing them that the suffering of the common people is harmful for the progress of the entire nation and for national interests.


Citizens should keep themselves away from rumors. While buying toys, eatables, etc. they should be checked properly before using them. If in doubt, in for the security forces. Caution should be exercised in the case of articles placed in public places or markets, means of transport or at public gatherings. Keep away from suspects. Don’t be misled by deceitful advertisements.


In addition to taking all the above mentioned steps, all the citizens should cooperate with the measures which the government takes. But above all, the most powerful most motive force in the fight against terrorism is to spread humanism, love for other human beings and to create an atmosphere of love the world. Terrorism can be defeated by being fearless and courageous, cultivating alertness and efficiency, acquiring various skills and making ceaseless efforts o continue our march towards development.



“Let us take a vow to defeat terrorism. “We Indians have firm faith in our Country’s tradition of non violence and tolerance and take a sincere vow that we will offer strong resistance to terrorism in all its forms and violence. We also vow to fight –against the obstructive forces which pose a danger for our efforts to establish among all the classes of humanity, peace, social goodwill and understanding and which threaten to destroy the establish values of human life.



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