Volume No. :   8

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2017

ISSN Print :  2321-5828

ISSN Online :  0975-6795


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Economics of Cultivation of Exotic Fruits and Vegetables in Chhattisgarh

Address:   Rohan Prasad1, Dr. A.K. Vishwakarma2, Dr. Sikha Agrawal3
1Research Scholar, Govt. V.Y.T. P.G. College, Durg, C.G.
2Principal, Govt. College, Bori, C.G.
3Prof. Economics, Govt. V.Y.T. P.G. College, Durg, C.G.
*Corresponding Author

In this research an attempt has been made to study the economics of exotic fruits and vegetables in context of Chhattisgarh. With advent of multinational hotel chain in Chhattisgarh the demand for the exotic fruits and vegetables are rising, hence farmers can find a local market for these crops which fetches a healthy wholesale price. The two crops analysed in this study is zucchini which yielded a profit of 2.2Lakhs/Hectare and Green Cantaloupe which yielded a profit of 2. 7 Lakhs/Hectare. The wholesale price of these crops always remains the same as there is no heavy competition among cultivators of these crops. The Crops are in demand while their availability is limited hence a healthy whole sale price is always maintained. The second advantage of these crops is that the farmer reaches the breakeven point with ease, on the contrary conventional crops such as tomato may fetch a price of 1 Rupee per kilogram in the wholesale market hence farmers are not even able to reach the breakeven point.
Chhattisgarh, Exotic Fruits and Vegetables and Cost-benefit analysis.
Rohan Prasad, A.K. Vishwakarma, Sikha Agrawal. Economics of Cultivation of Exotic Fruits and Vegetables in Chhattisgarh. Research J. Humanities and Social Sciences. 8(1): January - March, 2017, 89-91.
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