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Volume No. :   4

Issue No. :  2

Year :  2013

ISSN Print :  2321-5828

ISSN Online :  0975-6795


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Prospects and Problems of Arabic Language in Assam with Special Reference to Goalpara District: An Analytical Study

Address:   Abdul Motin Khandakar
Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade), Dept of Arabic, West Goalpara College, P.O.- Balarbhita, PIN: 783129 Dist.- Goalpara, Assam.
*Corresponding Author:

Arabic language is one of the international languages, because it has occupied the fourth position in the recognized languages of the United Nations. In addition it also served as the vehicle of literature extending language from pre-Islamic period up to modern time. We observed that Arabic has become the heart-touching language of the second largest Muslim population of the World, by virtue of the Holly Quarân and prayer of Islam. In matters of commerce and business, it has great significance in the present World. It appears from the history that Assam was known as ‘Kamarupa’ or ‘Pragjyotish’ in the period of the Epics. Human inhabitation of this area dates backs to about 2000 BC. The population of Assam comprises of the migrants from Burma and China. They came into Assam after the mongoloid migration. They came from Punjab through Bihar and North Bengal. Thus Assam presents a fusion of Mongol-Aryan culture. The early history of Assam is believed to be of the Varman dynasty. The reign of this dynasty extended from 400 AD to 13th century. The visit of Huien Tsang is said to have taken place during the 7th century at the time of Kumar Bhaskar Varman. The Ahoms ventured into Assam in about 1228 AD. By 15th century the kingdoms of Ahom and Koch were established. This period witnessed a change in all walks of life in Assam. Here, this research work attempts to highlight the impact as well as the prospects of Arabic language in Assam, especially in Goalpara District.
Semitic, Quran, Bengali Language, Perso- Arabic and Maghadi Language.
Abdul Motin Khandakar . Prospects and Problems of Arabic Language in Assam with Special Reference to Goalpara District: An Analytical Study. Research J. Humanities and Social Sciences. 4(2): April-June, 2013, 201-205.
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