Volume No. :   4

Issue No. :  2

Year :  2013

ISSN Print :  2321-5828

ISSN Online :  0975-6795


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Impact of Labour out-Migration and Remittance on Rural Areas: A Case Study from West Bengal, India

Address:   Suman Kumar Kundu
Assistant Teacher, Jindighee High School (H.S.), Sagardighi, Murshidabad, West Bengal
*Corresponding Author:

Labour out migration from rural areas left upon great impact on regional development including family welfare of migrant’s household. The relevance of such migration and remittance in regional economy is of uttermost importance to economists, planners and geographers also. The present paper conducted over Lalgola block of Murshidabad district, West Bengal is an attempt to find out the role of migration and remittance over household annual income and family welfare. It also tries to enquire about the relevance of migration and remittance upon regional economy. Using stratified random sampling method, 30 respondents (15 from each migrants and non-migrants household) were chosen from randomly selected four sample villages in the block and thus a total of 120 respondents were interviewed by well structured questionnaire to obtain primary data. The procured data were analysed using Ordinary Least Square (OLS) regression analysis technique and various other descriptive statistical tools. The study results show that despite remittance successfully assists in increasing household annual income of migrant’s family, family welfare still confines upto increasing expenditure in consumption rather than education and health care of family member. Labour crisis is identified as one of the negative impact of migration hampering persisting agricultural activities in situ. Some recommendations have been put forth for sustainable management of remittance into development of rural economy.
Labour out migration, remittance, family welfare, regional economy, Ordinary Least Square regression
Suman Kumar Kundu. Impact of Labour out-Migration and Remittance on Rural Areas: A Case Study from West Bengal, India. Research J. Humanities and Social Sciences. 4(2): April-June, 2013, 190-195.
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